Africa USA Business Connections mission is to position both African and American companies for international success by providing essential educational tools and targeted, expert consulting services.
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Winning in AFRICA

Helping Global Companies Find Success in Africa

We understand the value of people- of good people. Of people committed to the Global-Africa business. And of people committed to doing business the right way- with transparency. And so we created the Africa USA Business Connections- a place filled with people and companies to help you build a strong professional network. Imagine…experience advisors, collaborators, investors, training opportunities, and essential resources all in one place. Together we can overcome obstacles and find success doing business in both United States and Africa.

Maximizing timely economic opportunities.

Historically in Africa trade and political barriers have made doing business with the right people difficult. Today African governments are working on a regional level to make changes that enable trade and investors.
  • Now is the time to connect with people and companies
  • Find solutions at a regional level that make successful Africa-North America trade and investment partnerships.


  • CONNECTING: Business to business and business to market.
  • CONSULTING: Business Norms and People Skills
  • DUE DILIGENCE SERVICES: locating your business, industry specialists, executive due diligence
  • ADVISING: on the aspects of establishing a presence
  • PARTNER SELECTION: operational partners, personal and business security, legal and compliance
  • ASSISTING: Negotiation process for new business and partnerships Advising: Establishing a presence in Africa or the United States


What We Can Do For You

Africa USA Business Connections provides learning and guidance about the people and opportunities of Africa and the United States.


Educational Courses

Understanding and providing training for successful operations in the United States and Africa.

Consulting operations

Applying our business acumen to insure your success.

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