Mel Sanderson

Melissa Sanderson


  • Diplomatic service for 20 years
  • Major mining company for 14 years
  • Lived in the Democratic Republic of the Congo for 8 years
  • Expert in building culturally integrated and effective teams
  • Founder of Ethical Sustainable Growth+

Melissa (Mel) Sanderson is a uniquely skilled international interlocutor. Drawing on her over 20 years with the State Department, coupled with 15 years with a major international mining company, she speaks authoritatively on matters ranging from government relations to opening national markets for US companies. Her’s is an on-the-ground experience, gained living overseas in a dozen countries, including the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where she spent 8 years. 

An expert cultural navigator, she is practiced in ESG issues (Environmental, Social Government/governance) and speaks 7 languages. She has earned numerous professional accolades, including the prestigious International Athena Award for Private Sector Businesswoman and the Top 25 Dynamic Women in Business (Phoenix). She has spoken at Universities throughout the US on issues related to business ethics, cultural communication, and the importance of empathy for business success. She has recently been named a Professor of Practice at Thunderbird School of Global Management.

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