Stephen Abu

Michael K. Addae-Kagyah

West Africa Specialist

Professionals spanning diverse domains such as Data Science, Software Development, Physics, and Systems Engineering have shaped my multifaceted career journey. My most recent role as a Data Scientist at Campbell Scientific Inc. in Logan, UT, showcased my expertise in extracting insights from data. I also embraced the challenge of a Software Developer position at EarthSoft Inc., Pensacola, FL, focusing on ETL processes. My global experience included a tenure as a Physics Lecturer at the University of Ghana, Accra, Ghana, highlighting my cross-cultural adaptability.

In my inaugural US role after completing my PhD, I thrived as a Software Developer at Xactware Inc., Orem, Utah, specializing in .NET and C++/C# development.

I am a very creative, independent self-starter, endowed with excellent communication and interpersonal skills. These qualities are further enhanced by my broad knowledge and skill set that goes far beyond just data science, physics, and mathematics. My knowledge base encompasses accounting, management, finance, economics, engineering processes, advanced scientific computing, industrial instrumentation, and telecommunication/networking. My programming prowess encompasses an array of languages, frameworks, and tools, including Python, R, .Net, Java, APIs, HTML, CSS, SQL, MySQL, JavaScript/jQuery, PHP, XML, JSON, Android, VBScript, VB, COBOL, C/C++/C#, .NET, Fortran, Access, R, SVN and Git. I am skilled in many Big Data, AI and ML concepts and tools.

However, my most valued “assets” are:
1. My ability to easily understand and apply new (seemingly complex) concepts or technologies in very short times
2. Ability to apply structured systems approach to the conceptualization, analysis, design and implementation of almost any solution or idea.