Stephen Abu

Stephen Abu Jr.

West Africa Specialist

Stephen is an entrepreneur of business and humanitarian work throughout West Africa. He founded Abu & McConkie Investments Ltd. which manages the following companies, among others: Capstone Builders Ltd., African Heavy Machinery Services, Ghana Journeys Ltd., Agromyx Company Limited, and African Distribution Associates which serves as the official representative for Lifetime Products from the USA in West Africa.

Stephen is deeply involved in humanitarian work, and through his efforts with World Joy Inc., has constructed 29 schools and 6 Community Health Centers (CHIP Compounds) in the Atiwa District. Through KaeMe Foundation, where Stephen is the Country Director and Board Chair, over 200 orphaned and vulnerable children in orphanages across Ghana have been reunified with their families and are being taken care of.

Stephen recently founded Prosperous Africa Education Foundation which partners with Help Start Education Foundation USA, to provide computers for less-privileged youth to aid in their education.

Stephen received his Bachelor of Science from Utah State University, and he is a candidate for a master’s in strategic communication class of 2022 at Westminster College in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Stephen returned to Ghana after schooling in the U.S. because his main desire is to serve and create as many opportunities as possible for his people.

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